Staff Motivation
English Department, Huzhou TeachersCollege
1) To enable students to talk about motivation
at work.
2) To practise one-minute talk on business
3) To learn to solve practical problems
Tasks and Schemes
1. Reading on page 78.
2. Oral practice.
Reading on page 78.
Meeting the company’s motivational challenge.
Adrian Furnham discuses the thorny issue of
putting motivational techniques into practice.
Difficult to handle; causing
trouble or worry. 棘手的
Of the person staying in the company but
his mind fleeing out of it.
3. We have all seen the ‘quit-but-stay’ employees who
have severed their psychological contact with the
Separate or disjoin
4. They firmly park their brains and their enthusiasm for
life in the staff car park in the morning, reengaging
them with gusto 30 seconds after the official end of
work time.
vigorous and enthusiastic
 每天早晨,他们又义无反顾地把自己的聪明才智
5. However, they shrewdly avoid doing
anything that warrants dismissal and are
content to keep their heads down, doing the
minimum and volunteering nothing.
Clever in
Having no desire to
progress and be promoted
6. The less intrinsically interesting the work, the more
needs to be done to make it acceptable: job
enrichment, job rotation and job sharing.
Transfer one’s job in turns
7. You do not have to organize outdoor assault courses.
8. Pay people what they are worth. Consider such factors
as market forces, predatory competitors and the
contribution each individual makes.
Concerned with or living by or as
if by robbery and seizing the
property of others
To preserve forever; caused to be
remembered for ever.
9. We get the perpetuation of incompetence.
Oral Practice:
What is the writer’s attitude to motivational techniques
according to the information in the text? Do you share this
The writer is skeptical. He sees so-called ‘new’ motivational
techniques as old ideas repackaged. He also questions
whether these techniques are ever put into practice
2. Managers assume that the goals of employees
are those of the company. Do you agree? Why
or why not?
1) Agree / why
 The employees’ interests are in line with those
of the company.
 The employees’ goals, such as improved
benefits / pay rise / career development / more
bonus / good opportunities of promotion, are
based on the company’s goals to maximize
profitability, to improve overall strength of the
labour forces, to achieve good sales, to
continue company growth, etc.
2) Disagree / why not
 The employees’ interests may not be in line with those
of the company.
 The employees’ goals may be short-term and practical.
e.g. higher salary, better benefits, better working
conditions, quicker promotion (internal recruitment),
 While those of the company are long-term and
integrated. E.g. steady and sustainable growth of the
company, increase of market share, better quality of
the labour forces (outside recruitment), maximization
of profitability, increase of capital accumulation and
project investment, etc.
3. Motivation stems from job satisfaction and not
financial reward. Do you agree? Why or why not?
1) Agree / why
 Job satisfaction is the pleasure one feels when
one does the job.
 It is something spiritual.
 To do a meaningful job, to be happy at work and
to be recognized are more important.
 When one is secured with basic material life, he
would be in need of spiritual satisfaction.
 Many people are motivated by a rich and
interesting, job or by their interest in certain job
rather than in only financial reward.
Disagree / why not
Everything in modern society is based on money.
Financial reward provides the basis of job satisfaction.
Financial reward is more tangible.
Spiritual satisfaction is guaranteed by material security.
Business success is measured in terms of the money
one earns.
 Without financial reward, there is no talking about
3) Agree / disagree
 That depends on
whether you are
practical-minded or
 Motivations stems
financial reward.
try to complete the Findings
and Recommendations section
or the report on page 80 by
summarizing the grievances of
the Terrain employees.
Thank U 4 your attendance!
writing task: complete the Findings and Recommendations
section or the report on page 80 by summarizing the grievances
of the Terrain employees.
A number of employees clearly suffer from a lack of motivation
as a
result of dissatisfaction in one or more areas of their work. The
findings are outlined below:
Staff feel undervalued by the company, both on a financial and a
personal level. It is generally felt that the company’s competitors
offer higher levels of remuneration. The perception that managers
are unappreciative of staff efforts is particularly noticeable in the
Sales Department.
Certain employees feel under-challenged. The company is clearly
not exploiting the potential of its human resources.
There appears to be a breakdown of communication in the
Production Department. The confusion and resultant ill-feeling
towards managers has the potential to disrupt production.
We strongly recommend the following measures:
An evaluation of job profiles throughout the
company to assess whether skills could be utilized
more efficiently.
A review of the current salary structure involving
comparison with similar organizations.
It is also essential to investigate and take action
regarding communication in the Production.