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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Calitcalit Elementary School
Gulayan sa Paaralan
Calitcalit E/S conducted a program about Gulayan sa Paaralan last June 2016. With this program, parents and students was
oriented about the said project. Ma. Threre sa D. Macalalad, the Teacher-In-Charge of CES, discudded on how to implement the
project. This project aimed to help students and parents realize how important the agriculture is, and as it serve as our llife support
and value of gardening. She also mentioned how this project will help the school based feeding program in improving the nutritional
status of CES’ pupils. With the mutual cooperation of the parents,teachers and community, this project”Gulayan sa Paaralan” will be
Gulayan sa Paaralan started with the location. Teachers together with the parents and students loomk for the proper
location on where to plant vegetables. With the help of the parents and students in preparing the garden, they planted different
kinds of vegetables. These are root crops , legumes, leafy and fruit bearing. Through these kind of vegetables, the project help the
students to maintain proper nutrition. With all the efforts of the teachers,students and parents, we harvested different kinds of
vegetables which we sold to the parents and other teacher for the school to acquire more school fund for school based feeding
Even though Calitcalit E/S did not win on the best Gulayan sa Paaralan, Calitcalit Teaching force are glad to see how thier
project develops and how this help them value the gardening activities. This enlighten our minds to plant more and more not only
inside the school. Pupils and parents learned that they need to plant vegetables as this can be a source of their food and income.
With all the effort and cooperation of teachers and community, nothing is impossible.