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CBME 102 - Operations Management (Total Quality Management)
Wilma A. Mercado
MODULE 3: Continuous Process Improvement
At the end of the session, you will be able to:
1. Explain the advantages of continuous process improvement.
2. Identify problems encountered in process improvement
3. Illustrate the diagram of the following:
3.1 Shewart’s PDSA Cycle
3.2 Continuous Process Improvement Cycle
3.3 Deming’s PDCA Cycle
3.4 Kauro Ishikawa’s Diagram
3.5 Juran’s Trilogy
4. Evaluate the quality improvement strategies
5. Explain Kaizen as an umbrella for the continuous improvement
6. Apply 5s to improve workplace effectiveness.
There is nothing permanent in this world except CHANGE. This is a common saying from
one of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, which we usually hear when someone wants to remind
us that we need to be flexible and adaptable to change. This module will discuss the continuous
improvement process within the organization. Wherein, improvement strategies that evolved,
experimented, and published by different quality gurus will be discussed. You will be familiarized
with the various concepts, techniques, and tools used for the continuous process improvement
applied by the Japanese.
ACTIVITY: (Synchronous session)
Signature for change
1. Continuous Process Improvement
2. Shewart’s PDSA Cycle
3. Continuous Process Improvement Cycle
4. Deming’s PDCA Cycle
5. Deming’s 14-point Philosophy
6. Kauro Ishikawa’s Diagram
7. Juran’s Trilogy
8. Quality Improvement Strategies
9. Kai Zen as Umbrella for Continuous improvement
10. The 5s
APPLICATION: Students are asked to submit the given task below.
5s Application (individual)
1.1 Take a picture on any part of your room
1.2 One picture before practicing 5s
1.3 One picture after practicing 5s
1.4 Explain how 5s are applied.
1.5 Paper size is 8 ½ x 11in (letter), orientation is landscape, single space, font size:12,
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