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Punzalan, Niña Rica V.
BSA 1-1
Concepts of History
1. History – from the Greek word ‘historia’ which means investigation
- Branch of knowledge dealing with past events or knowlwdge acquired
by investigation.
- A continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a
particular people, country, period, etc. and are usually written as a
chronological account
- History incorporates historiography; it includes many different
interpretations of historical events written by many different
2. Sources of History:
a. Primary Source – original item such as image, documents, maps,
artifacts, or recording that provides evidences of the past.
It gives firsthand, original, and unfiltered information.
These sources have a close, direct connection with its subject.
b. Secondary Source – a means through which a primary source is
Created after event was done;
Expresses an opinion or an argument about the past events.
3. Historical Criticism:
a. External Criticism – refers to the genuineness of the documents a
researcher uses in a historical study.
b. Internal Criticism – refers to the accuracy of the contents of a