PF Chapter 4 Study Guide

PF Chapter 4 Study Guide
1.The lowest price is generally the wisest choice when __________________________________________.
2.Products often purchased using price negotiation are __________________________________________.
3.A drawback of paying on credit is having ________________________________________.
4.A good time to find a bargain on a swimsuit is at a _________________________________.
5.An advantage of a cooperative is that it _______________________________.
6.An advantage to direct selling is _____________________________________.
7.When shopping, avoid ______________________________________________.
8.Better Business Bureaus handle ____________________________________.
9.To find a local dispute resolution program, a person should contact ________________________________.
10.Disagreements in small claims courts are usually settled by ______________________________________.
11.____________________________________ is the use of a standard unit of measurement to compare the prices of
packages that are different sizes
12. .____________________________________ is a nonprofit organization owned and operated by its members for the
purpose of saving money on the purchase of certain goods and services
13. .____________________________________ is the attempt by a neutral third party to resolve a conflict between a
customer and a business through discussion and negotiation
14..____________________________________ is the process in which a conflict between a customer and a business is
resolved by an impartial third party whose decision is legally binding
15. .______________________________ is a method of indicating the freshness or “shelf life” of a perishable product
16. ._______________ is dishonest business practices that is meant to deceive, trick, or gain an unfair advantage
17. .______________________________ is a portion of the total cost of an item that must be paid at the time of purchase
18..____________________________________ is one of a network of community law offices that provide free or lowcost assistance in court
19. .________________________ is a legal action on behalf of all the people who have suffered the same injustice
20..____________________________________ is a partial refund of the price of a product