Today’s Objectives


Today’s Objectives

• Explain why skills are critical to management success • Go through the course outline • Put you into your teams • Introduce some of the elements of effective teams • Review meeting management

Managerial Skills Lecture Introduction

General Skills

• Technical Skills • Conceptual Skills • Human Relations Skills – Interpersonal Skills – Political skills

Management Skill Required at Different Levels Lower-Level Management Upper-Level Management

Technical Skills Human Relations Skills Conceptual Skills

Course Objectives

• Foster an understanding of basic social processes in organizations • Promote self-awareness in participants • Help participants: – Become more skilled at analyzing behaviour in organizations – Learn what behaviours are more appropriate in what situations – Acquire a repertoire of useful behaviours and skills

Learning managerial skills

• The process of experiential learning – Have a positive mind set – Learn the concepts – Watch people use the behaviour – Practice the behaviour – Use the behaviour • Am I the expert?

Student Feedback

• “This is the best course I have ever taken. I learned a lot about myself and improved my skills tremendously.” • “This course sucks! It was a total waste of time. I learned absolutely nothing.”

Discussion Question

• How do you reconcile these two comments about the same section of the same course?

• What you get out of the course is directly proportional to what you put in.

For Sept. 10:

• Self-assessment exercises – Hand in your scores for SAQ1-5 (pp 24-39), Learning Styles Inventory, & Locus of Control scales • Can hand in by e-mail or at my office