Relationships Year 8 Wellbeing

Year 8
with each other
Learning Intention:
Students will be able to identify
characteristics of positive relationships at
school and characteristics of negative
relationships at school.
Activity 1: Introduction to relationships
The following discussion questions can be
answered in a format that best suits the
teacher and the class:
What types of
relationships do you have
at school?
Why do you have these
relationships? How do
these relationships help
Can relationships at
school be harmful?
What relationships are
important to you?
What does a good school
relationship look like?
What does a poor school
relationship look like?
Activity 2: Where do you stand?
The following activity can be done as:
a. Each student should rate their ‘card’ about whether the
behaviour on the card has a significant negative impact
on relationships at school (1) to whether the behaviour
has a significant positive impact on relationships at
school (10).
b. A class continuum activity where students are standing.
Give each student a card and ask them to justify whether they think this
behaviour is positive for relationships at school or negative for relationships
at school. Some of the cards double up – this is ok as it gives you an option
to discuss different opinions.
at school:
Where do you stand?
at school
Activity 2: Where do you stand?
Questions to ask after the activity
• Have you ever seen these behaviours at school? How do you think the
recipient feels?
• Which of these do you think are the most common?
• How do you think school would be different if we changed any of
these behaviours?
• What behaviours do you see from your classmates that help you feel
happy and safe at school?
• What behaviours do you see from your classmates that make you feel
frustrated and unhappy at school?
Reflect on, and write down on a piece of paper:
• A positive relationship you have had/experienced
with students this year (and what made it
• A negative relationships they have
had/experienced this year (and what has made it
Do not include any names in this task. Bring to the
front when you are done.
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