Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing with Multimedia)
To educate the students with latest trends and applicable techniques in the area of marketing. This major prepares them to equip
with comprehensive marketing knowledge to face the current competitive and dynamic environment. It is also designed to enhance
the students' personal career growth opportunities with immediate marketable skills.
Selected marketing subjects
Principles of Marketing
Industrial Training
Seminars in Web Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Global Marketing
Integrated Marketing
Marketing Research
Marketing Strategy
Multimedia Marketing
Short Descriptions
An understanding of the fundamentals concepts and practices of modern marketing.
Apply acquired knowledge in problem based exercises in real life industrial projects.
Overviews of online marketing activities, analyze appropriate online marketing strategies, and
implement effective online marketing plan.
An understanding in business to business marketing, identify the factors influences on industrial
decision making and develop effective marketing program for business customers.
An understanding of the basic concepts of consumer behaviour, consumer decision making process
and evaluates effective marketing strategies intended to influence those behaviours.
An understanding of the practice of worldwide marketing; identify global operational differences
and analyze the global business environments to produce effective and customer-focused
marketing plans.
Concepts of integrated marketing communications, its role in overall marketing strategy and key
elements of marketing promotions in developing the promotional program.
Essential skills in conducting marketing research, develop the art of drawing the right inferences
from the results of analyses, acquired the skills of data presentation, report writing and oral
presentation of final results to clients.
An understanding of the concept of marketing strategy, analyze the internal and external factors and
develop appropriate marketing strategies for different market situations.
Marketing usage on interactive media and understand the e-business value strategies, management
& implementation and future of multimedia marketing.
Product Planning and
A systematic coverage of product planning concepts, develop planning and managing of new
products and mature products based on practical marketing strategies.
An understanding of both conceptual and practical values for developing effective leadership
behaviours that meet strategic organisational needs.
Engaging students’ interest in biological basis for behaviour.
Job prospects
Graduates are employed in industries e.g production and service industries have full potential in areas such as CEOs (Marketing),
Marketing Directors , Marketing Consultants, Marketing Managers, Presidents (Marketing), Department Heads, General Managers,
Lecturers /Professors, Product Managers, Marketing Vice-President, Event Managers, Service & Operation Managers, Supply
Chain Managers, Strategic Planners, Quality Control Managers and also Customer Relations Managers.