August 12, 2015

Facilities Services Weekly Update Meeting
Attendance: Ray, Fred, Kevin T, Rick, Kevin K, Pat, Ron, Kelli, Jessica
1. Current Projects
a. Vangstad
i. Pour on Thursday (1st pour) and Tuesday between Library and Vangstad.
ii. Painters will tentatively start this week.
iii. Still waiting to get fence put up.
b. Flood Wall
i. Poured 3 sections of wall yesterday. 4 pours left to get up to science building.
(Only straight wall left so it should make the rest easier). Trying to pour every
day this week.
ii. There was a meeting yesterday morning and Ron discussed backfilling.
iii. Plans and a map for new parking that will be made available has been madewill be shown to Cabinet.
c. Climate Control Upgrade
i. Project is complete, just needs to be installed on campus.
d. McCoy/Snoey Basketball Court
i. Picnic table here, waiting for the bench.
e. Back Alley
i. Moving state fleet vehicles by Morton building. Will need to move key drop
box. Email was sent to campus.
f. Hill slide waterfall
i. Ron is working with Wick to get rock and clean out around the grate and
eliminate the mud from blocking the grate.
g. McFarland 1st Floor Water-proofing
i. Poured first section of wall yesterday. Water-proofing will be done early next
week- City will be boring a hole for a perforated pipe to run electrical for a
h. President’s House Retaining Wall
i. Done and will be removed from agenda.
i. Field House Addition
i. No update.
j. Wellness Center
i. Storm sewer in front of shop done last weekend. At the next construction
meeting Ron will discuss the timeline for pouring driveway.
k. Heat Plant
i. Working on permitting with ONE- could take 6 months to get permits to move
ii. NDUS is working on contracts with CMaR
l. SEGS Office Remodel & 3rd floor carpeting
i. SEGS Office is done- glass was installed. Re-laminating the conference table.
ii. Carpet done on west end- being installed on east end today.
m. Training Room Accreditation
i. Field House
1. No updates- Ron will bring it up at Exec Team Meeting this week.
ii. Graichen
1. Hooked up water today and then the project is done. Moved outlet
yesterday- will be removed from agenda.
n. Housing
i. Mythaler & President’s House Sewer Line
1. Mythaler done. President’s House finished yesterday.
ii. Robertson/Mythaler Fire Alarm Upgrade
1. Mostly complete- just a little fine tuning left- will be removed from
o. Campus Lighting
i. Project complete- will be removed from agenda.
Future Projects
a. Fine Arts Building
i. On hold (will remain on agenda)
b. Student Center Upper Lounge
i. On hold until summer 2016 (will remain on agenda)
c. Guest suites in McCoy & Robertson
1. On hold (will remain on agenda)
d. Circle Hall- Entry (interior)
i. On hold
a. Working on Welcome Week activities.
b. Football scrimmage on the 22nd.
c. Inauguration Planning- reception at Epworth.
i. Will set up the day before- watch for emails to help.
d. EBC Concert will be out at the Eagles again this year.
a. Department Training – Professional Development
i. On hold.
b. One-time security funding
i. On hold.
ii. Card access in Rhoades
1. Ron and Jessica will meet with Joey to come up with a game plan to get
this finished.
a. 10 year anniversary meeting in Fargo on 8/17
Building Services
a. No update
a. No update
8. Power House
a. No update
9. Other