Kindergarten News for the weeks of: January 18-29

for the weeks of: January 18-29
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phone: 847-540-4791
Our 100th Day of Kindergarten!
Next Friday will be our 100 th Day of kindergarten! Today, your child brought home a
ziploc bag with his/her name and the number *100* on it. Please put 100 small objects
(marbles, toothpicks, small toys, cereal, etc.) in the bag and send it to school on
February 5th. The objects will be returned either Friday or early the following week.
Thank you!
We started our unit on reading
Non-Fiction. We are learning about
text features such as table of
contents, index, and glossary. We
learned that authors can use bold
words or highlighting to show us
which words are the most
important. We are also working on
asking questions about the books
we read and using the things we
already know to help us as
We started our unit on
“How-To” writing with a
lesson on what this
type of writing
looks like. We
learned that
we can teach
people how to do
things we know
how to do through writing. We
continue to practice!
Science/Social Studies
-We have been working on
balancing equations
(2+3=4+1) using pan balances.
-We learned about the
=symbol (equal means the
-We continue to work on
identifying and building
numbers from 11-20.
-We have been
fiction and non-fiction
books about animals in
-We learned about weather,
seasons, and temperature.