Math Reading January 29, 2016 Mrs. Ahne’s Kindergarten News

January 29, 2016
Mrs. Ahne’s Kindergarten News
As we continued our Non-Fiction unit,
we read biographies about Martin
Luther King, Jr. We also read many
non-fiction books about seasons and
weather - developing questions to
confirm our understanding, clearing up
misconceptions, and learning new
information. We identified text
features, such as the table of contents
and glossary.
-We used the words
“heavy” and “light” to
describe weight.
-We predicted the weight
of objects and tested our
predictions on a balance.
-Using a balance and
cubes, we made groups of
equal quantity.
-We used the language
“balances,” “is equal to,” and
“is the same number as” for
expressions of equality.
-We identified, read, and
wrote the equals symbol (=)
I am so proud of all the kindergartners’ writing! We have been
working hard on remembering to write an uppercase letter at the
beginning of a sentence, use finger spaces, and put punctuation at
the end. We have also been trying our best to “sound out” and
spell words. Please continue to practice at home!
Science & Social Studies
In science, we have been busy learning all about what we do,
wear, and see in every season. We also discussed different
kinds of weather. Then, we discussed how the temperature can
change - hot and cold – and looked at a thermometer.
Popcorn Words
Popcorn words (sight words) are the words that should “pop” into our heads quickly as we read!
Please review the words that we’ve already learned:
I am the little
see a
be look on no an and go
to here me my you for in said is was it do are we he she
100th Day
Can you believe your child has almost
been in kindergarten for 100 days?! The
100th day of school will be next Friday,
February 5th. We will be celebrating by
participating in a lot of fun activities that
day. We are in need of a few parents
to donate a box of Froot Loops! If you
are able to, please e-mail me to let me
know, and send it in early next week. 
February 4th –
Field trip to LZHS for Honk, Jr. Musical
After testing your child’s reading in
January and determining his/her
reading level, I have updated levels on
Raz-Kids. We have been frequently
logging on to Raz-Kids on the
computers to listen to and read books
at the “Listen to Reading” centers.
Please be sure to continue logging on
at home, too!
February 5th –
100th Day of Kindergarten!
February 11th –
Valentine’s Day Party & Early Release
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