Kindergarten News for the weeks of: December 7-18

for the weeks of: December 7-18
Literacy Development
-We enjoyed reading and comparing a
variety of gingerbread stories this
month. Our favorites were the stories
in which the gingerbread man (or girl)
does not get eaten!
-We learned about “see-saw stories”
and patterned text, and some friends
are choosing to use these techniques in
their own writing.
-We explored the characters in a variety
of books and used words and pictures
to learn more about them. Our favorite
book was Too Many Tamales.
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Phonics and Word Study
-Almost half of our 50 kindergarten sight
words have been formally introduced. We
work on reading a variety of sight words
on a daily basis, mostly within text as part
of whole group and small group
lessons. Recognizing sight words
quickly is an important skill for
young readers. Thank you for
your help at home! 
-We continue to work on blending
and segmenting words, as well as
listening for syllables in longer words.
These strategies help us as readers
and as writers!
Science/Social Studies
-We have been using benchmarks
of 10 and explaining our thinking. For
example, “There are 6 frames filled,
and I know that 6 and 4 make 10, so
we need 4 more.”
-We have practiced creating and
extending repeating and growing
-We have been combining groups
and explaining how we got our
answers (“5 and 4 makes 9. I know
because 5 and 5 make 10 and 4 is one
less than 5.”
-Throughout the month of
December, we learned
about some of
the holidays families
celebrate at this
time of year. We
enjoyed stories
about Christmas
and Hanukkah. Our
favorites were
Mooseltoe and The
Runaway Latkes.
From the PTO
Please see the attachments for information
about our box tops and labels program. Every
little bit helps! Thank you for your support!