February 26, 2016 Greetings Firebolt Families!

February 26, 2016
Greetings Firebolt Families!
Here is what has been going on:
Mathematicians: We have covered a lot of ground in this module: lattice multiplication, square numbers,
associative property of multiplication, writing equations for multi-step problems using variables, and order of
operations. We also wrapped up for good specifically exploring multiplication and division. We will now
continue to use those concepts as they come up organically.
Writers: Our personal narratives are coming along. This week we have been focusing on the fine art of
revising. We have looked at recognizing important, extraneous, and missing information from our pieces. We
have also studied the chronological sequencing of our work.
Wordsmiths: New word patterns have begun again.
New words include: reassure, heightened, and ubiquitous
Readers: We have learned about mood versus tone, perspective, and point-of-view. Your child should be able
to tell you all about those concepts, regardless of the book they are currently reading. These elements are
found both in fiction and nonfiction writing. Additionally, the Reading Response letters are looking better and
better each week! Thank you for your continued support with these!
Social Scientists: We have continued our study of the Civil War and Illinois’ role in it. We have added Henry’s
Freedom Box and a few newspaper articles to our collection of reading material. We have also had some lively
and well thought-out discussions in here. Many students are asking amazing, deep, critical thinking questions
that belie their age. As always, I continue to be so impressed and proud of this class.
Enjoy your weekend!
Kathryn Flemming