JANUARY 7, 2011

JANUARY 7, 2011
Our Reading focus skill this week was summarizing.
We also continued to practiced Making Inferences
We are finally getting to read Because of Winn
Dixie. In grammar we are beginning a 3 week
study of adjectives….how to use them to describe
nouns. We are working on our next writing
piece……it will be a DIGITAL STORY!! More details
to come but the kids are excited about this
We are beginning
our African
American History
unit of study with
read alouds from
the slavery time
Our next unit in Science
is Physical Science
Is Force and Motion.
Experiments include:
 Understanding heat is
 How heat is transferred
through solids, liquids
and gases.
 Which materials are
good conductors and
We are setting individual
GOALS for our multiplication
masters REWARD. Please check
your child’s SAFARI BINDER
for their GOALWe are working with area and
perimeter in Investigations Unit
4 and we are working with
Division in EnVisions Topic 8.
Calendar Math is a daily review
of all major math concepts.