3rd 9 Weeks Extensions of Math Investigations

Extensions for Math Investigations: Grade 4 – 3rd 9 Weeks
These activities are intended to “extend” the lesson, not replace, for those students that
might benefit from further study.
Packages and Groups
Investigation 1
Multiplication Tables
Investigation 2
Double-Digit Multiplication
Investigation 3
Multiplication and Division Choices
page 7, Extension: “Another Pattern”
have students create 20 by 20 or 24 by 24
multiplication tables and examine the patterns
of multiples larger than 12
page 10, Extension: “Multiple Patterns”
page 14, Extension: “Comparing Numbers in
Multiple Towers”
Session 3: “Multiple Plaids”
Students create and display the results of a
survey in which they explain the cluster
problem strategy to adults and question the
adults about:
 the usefulness of this strategy
 whether they understand the strategy
 whether they find it easier to use than the
strategy they learned in school
Students create and solve both “sharing” and
“partitioning” division word problems
Students write an explanation of “remainder” in
division for someone who has never heard the
Students create additional word problems for
Choice Time
page 55, Extension: “Which Numbers Have
Many Factors”
page 66: “Students Secret Numbers”