Creative Development Notes Communication Technology

Communication Technology
Creative Development Notes
Developing a successful advertising campaign brings Marketing and Communication/media principles
together. If either is weak, the overall effectiveness will suffer. The following points should be
considered when developing creative approaches for marketing communication programs:
1) Clearly identify your product/service features and benefits – State the Unique Sales Proposition (USP)
– What makes this particular product/service unique or better?
2) Identify the characteristics of the target market and develop a campaign that is addressed to their
needs and level.
a) Age range:____________ b) Income available: ______________ c) Gender a factor: Yes__ No __
d) Style preferences: _________________________________________________________________
e) Influential factors: _________________________________________________________________
f) Where to buy the product: __________________________________________ Price: ____________
3) Craft a core message or slogan that captures the above information:
4) Design a logo or visual that will become identified with the product or service. Create a brand identity.
Font: ______________________________________ Colours: _______________________________
5) Recognize that effective campaigns result from applying the above information consistently in each
medium, while allowing the unique characteristics of each to communicate the message in the way that
takes advantage of their strengths. For example video offers both sight and sound but is over quickly
due to the 15 or 30 second customer exposure. Print, on the other hand, allows a reader to re-scan the
information or be attracted by a large visual (i.e. bus or billboard) and the website allows for interactive
involvement without any time constraints. All media applications should complement and reinforce each
 TINGLE 2007