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Writing and the Media Ad Project

The First Project: Create Your Own Advertising Campaign
To finish up the advertising unit, you will be creating your own ads for a product you make up. Don’t worry, you don’t
actually have to build the product, but you do have come up with a rough sketch, and an idea for an advertising
campaign. The final product will consist of three things:
1. A written description of your product and the choices you made for you campaign (2 double-spaced pages)
2. An advertising page/brochure/billboard designed on a computer or posterboard. You may also film a
3. A PowerPoint or Prezi presentation explaining your product and advertising choices
To design your product, you will need to also design a logo and slogan.
While completing the following steps, record your group’s thought process. Part of your assignment will be to write how
you came to all the decisions you made.
Step One: With your group, decide what kind of product you would like to design. It can be anything from mittens to a
cellphone to shoes to a new brand of pretzels.
Step Two: Do research as to what similar products do and record what you see that you like or don’t like. Design what
your product will look like, your logo, and your slogan based of what you find in your research.
Step Three: Research other products’ ad campaigns that are similar to yours. Record what you look at (find at least
three) and what you liked or didn’t like.
Step Four: Design your billboard, brochure, or ad space. Whatever it is, make sure you make it visually appealing,
something people would stop to look at. Use your research for ideas on what information your ad space will use.
Remember to consider your target audience, or demographics.
Step Five: Write up your report on your decisions. In your report, describe what research you did, why you came to the
choices you made, and what advertising tactics you are planning on using. Did you use pathos, ethos, or logos? What
other technique(s) did you use? Which demographic(s) are you concerned with? Also, expand on your ad campaign by
describing what you will do beyond the advertisement you created.
Step Six: Create a presentation with either PowerPoint Online or Prezi.com. This presentation should explain your
product, what it does, and why you made the choices you made for: slogan, logo, demographics, advertising tactics, and
where you will advertise. Share this presentation with me: [email protected]
Advertisement and Presentation: Quiz grade for each
Written report: Test grade
Writing and the Media
Ad Campaign Written Report – Test Grade
Possible Points
Description of product, including slogan and logo
Reasons for choosing
Campaign Paragraph:
Description of ad campaign
Target audience
Persuasion methods / strategies
Research paragraph:
Description of 3 similar ad campaigns and what you did or didn’t
like about them.
6 pts each
Ad space / Brochure / Billboard paragraph:
Description of ad and why you included the information you
Description of why you designed your ad the way you did
Why your ad campaign will be successful
What you learned
Free of grammar/spelling errors
Works Cited page
Final Grade:
Earned Points
Brochure / Ad Space / Billboard quiz grade
Design (including logo)
Necessary Information (including slogan)
Appropriate for product
Clearness of message
Presentation quiz grade
Explanation of product and what it does
Where you will advertise