Unit 2 Part 2 unit Study Guide

Unit 2 Part 2 unit Study Guide
Topics: Evaluating Campaign, Media Influence, Campaign Cost and Public Policy
You need to know/study:
1. Ways to evaluate information when looking at campaign materials. Look in your notes
for the answers:
• Separating fact from _______________
• Detecting ______________
• Evaluating _________________
• Identifying _____________(persuasive ads)
2. The roles of media in election and campaign and be ready to apply the roles:
a. Emphasizing issues
b. Creating political cartoons
c. Broadcasting points of view
d. Identify candidates
3. What are some examples of mass media? Give at least 4 examples
4. Give the factors for rising campaign cost. There are 4 that you need to know. Look on
page 40 in your binder.
5. Why is there a need for change in campaign finance law? Who has the advantage? Is
there a limit on how much you can donate?
6. You need to know the four groups that influence public policy and how each of them do
a. ______________ - (ourselves)
b. ______________ - (group that share same interests)
c. ______________ - ( a type of party)
d. ______________ - (TV, radio, etc.)
7. Know and analyze the different propaganda techniques:
a. Endorsement
b. Card-stacking
c. Plain-folks
d. Bandwagon
8. You need to go over your vocab words as well.