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Presidential Campaign and Platform Project

Presidential Campaign and Platform Project
Party platforms and their planks are very important to the electoral process: They give the
candidates a clear political position with which they can campaign. They give voters a sense of what
the candidates believe in, the issues they think are important, and how—if elected—they will address
1. Which political party do you affiliate with?
● What is their platform?
● What Website did you find this information?
● Why is their party a good fit for your candidacy?
2. Who from our class would you select to run as your Vice President?
● Why?
3. What are going to be your 3 main Platform Planks?
4. On what basis do you plan on running your campaign?
● Why do you feel like this would be successful in the current political climate?
5. What would your campaign slogan be?
● What emotion are you trying to invoke?
Project Checklist
Platform Questionnaire
Campaign Sign
Campaign Commercial Script
Campaign Commercial Video
Campaign Trail Plan