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Name _________________ Date ___________ Period____________
The U.S. Role in the Changing World
1. Why did Osama bin Laden attack America on Sept. 11, 2001?
2. What are some of the problems that still exist today that has haunted humanity for
hundreds of years?
3. What have Americans debated since the days of the republic?
4. What did George Washington say in his farewell address of 1796 in regards to
U.S. foreign policy?
5. What events helped America to emerge as a leading economic power in the first
century as a nation?
6. What part of the world did many American believe the U.S. should take a more
active role in foreign affairs? Why?
7. How was the U.S. and the Caribbean linked economically?
8. Explain the relationship between Spain and Cuba. What were the Cubans fighting
for at this point in history?
9. Which countries were fighting in the Spanish American War of 1898?
10. Who won the war?
11. What did the new generation of policymakers feel the US was obligated to
12. Summarize the arguments supporting and opposing imperialism at the start of the
twentieth century. List the supports of each.
13. Name the new territories the U.S. controlled following the Spanish-American
14. Discuss what happened in the Philippines from 1899- 1902.
15. Why did the U.S. establish a protectorate over Panama in 1903?
16. When did the Philippines gain full independence from the U.S.?
17. When did America finally lose its right to oversee Cuba’s economic policies and
foreign relations?
18. What did President Woodrow Wilson declare about U.S. involvement in WWI?
Was he able to stand by this declaration?
19. Was WWI a military success for the U.S.?
20. What did President Wilson’s peace proposal, the Fourteen Points, call for? Did
the U.S. join the League of Nations?
21. Why did many Americans wish to insulate themselves from Europe in the 1920s
and 30s?
22. When American policy makers considered the situation in Europe after World
War II, they determined that the US. could not isolate itself from world affairs.
What was happening in these countries that led them to think this?
France, Germany, Italy-
Soviet Union:
23. What was the “iron curtain” Churchill referred to?
24. Define “containment” and offer an example of U.S. policy that attempted to
“contain” the Soviets.
25. Define “deterrence” and offer an example of U.S. policy, which attempted to
“deter” the Soviets.