1. List the four main causes of World War I. 2. Describe the

U.S. History World War I Questions – Use Your Notes – Write in Complete Sentences.
List the four main causes of World War I.
Describe the conditions in the Balkan Peninsula before 1914.
Describe the event that is known as the “spark” of World War I.
List out the order of war declarations we went over on the board.
List the countries of the Central Powers.
List the countries of the Allies.
Who is the president of the United States at the start of WWI?
Explain the status of the U.S. military in 1914.
Why did President Wilson pass acts, such as the National Defense Act & the Naval
Construction Act, to increase the size of the U.S. military even though we had
already proclaimed neutrality?
10. List the new weapons of WWI.
11. List the conditions of trench warfare.
12. What is a stalemate?
13. Explain (in-detail) Germany’s use of unrestricted submarine warfare.
14. Explain the conditions of the Zimmermann Telegram that Germany sent to Mexico.
15. Explain two reasons why Germany was received poorly in the United States.
16. How did Russia exit World War I in 1917?
17. How does Wilson attempt to convince Congress to declare war and allow the United
States to enter into WWI?
18. What is the Selective Service Act?
19. List the 5 ways the United States turned our economy into a wartime economy.
20. Explain conservation efforts of the Food Administration.
21. Explain conversations efforts of the Fuel Administration.
22. Explain how the federal government took charge of the nation’s economy &
industries with the creation of the War Industries Board & the War Labor Board
(explain both of these).
23. What role did women play in WWI?
24. What was the Great Migration? Be sure to explain why they were leaving the South.
25. What other minority group filled factory jobs because of our huge demand for
26. How did we limit/restrict German heritage in the United States?
27. What is the Espionage Act?
28. What is the Sedition Act?
29. Explain the story of Schenck vs. U.S.
30. How did the Supreme Court Rule in Schenck vs. U.S.?
31. What did we learn from this ruling?
32. When was the armistice ending WWI signed?
33. Explain the meaning behind Wilson’s Fourteen Points.
34. List 3 examples of these points.
35. Who was blamed in the Treaty of Versailles?
36. Explain (in-detail) the controversy of the League of Nations.