WWI quiz study guide

WWI quiz study guide
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The quiz is twenty matching with a word bank.
1. Alliance
an agreement between nations to come to the aid of the other
2. Allied Powers an alliance between Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium and the U.S. in 1917 during
3. Armistice a temporary agreement to stop fighting
4. Central Powers an alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey), and
Bulgaria during WWI
5. Imperialism a policy by which stronger nations extend their control over weaker nations for economic and/or
military gains
6. Lusitania a British luxury ship that was torpedoed in 1915 killing 128 Americans
7. Militarism
when a country builds up their military
8. Nationalism
extreme patriotism and devotion to one’s own country
9. Neutral
when a country or person refuses to takes sides in a war or dispute
10. No-man’s land the area between the enemy lines during WWI-it was full of land mines and barbed wire
11. Pacifist
a person against the use of war or violence to settle disputes
12. Poison gas
a new weapon used during WWI also known as mustard or chlorine gas
13. Propaganda information designed to influence or sway opinions
14. Reparations debts that losing nations must pay to make up for the harm caused during war
15. Stalemate where actions stop during a battle because both sides are equally powerful and neither will give in
16. The “spark” that started the actual fighting in WWI: the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
17. Trench warfare
18. U-boat
a new type of fighting done from protected ditches
German submarine
19. Woodrow Wilson President during WWI-his peace plan was Wilson’s Fourteen Points
20. Zimmermann Telegram a message sent from Germany to Mexico proposing an alliance between the Central
Powers and Mexico if the U.S. declared war on Germany. The Germans also proposed helping Mexico get back
Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico from us.