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Hayward Community Schools Curriculum Map
Grade Level(s):
When We Teach this Unit
America goes to war, Wilsonian idealism and the Fourteen Points, Unit:
2 Week 10 Emergence of the United States as a World Power Subject:
1917 -­‐ 1918
What We Teach in this Unit ( ICAN, Goals, or Objectives)
Standards Addressed
Explain what caused America to enter WWI. Descuss the 12.4, 12.5, 12.9, 12.11, mobilization of America for war. Explain the consequences of WWI 12.15, 12.16, 12.17
worker, blacks, and women on the home for labor, women, and African Americans. Describe America's front, the draft, the League of Nations.
economic and military role in the war. Analyze Wilson's attempt to forge a peace based on his Fourteen Points. Discuss the opposition of Lodge and others to Wilson's League. Assessment Types: SR=Selected Response (matching, multiple choice, T/F) PA=Performance Assessment (performance or authentic tasks)
CR=Constructed Response (short answer/essay) O=Observation (interactive and non-­‐interactive)
Assessment Type