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Mr. Pettit APUSH THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR, 1898 BACKGROUND/CAUSES: -­‐Revolution in Cuba—“reconcentration camps” -­‐Journalism fuels the cause: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer. -­‐“the Butcher” Weyler; Spanish atrocities. -­‐The Maine; a U.S. battleship mysteriously explodes in Havana harbor while protecting Americans in Cuba. -­‐Blame is placed on Spain, “remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!” More fuel to fire for journalists. -­‐McKinley reluctantly gets declaration for war against Spain. “THE SPLENDID LITTLE WAR”: RESULTS FROM THE WAR: -­‐The Teller Amendment “the U.S. will not add Cuban territory to its union.” -­‐The Platt Amendment “Cuban independence, with acknowledgment of the U.S.A.’ s right to intervene in the event of a threat and keep naval forces in Cuba.” -­‐The Treaty of Paris Post-­‐war agreement; primarily to handle the treatment of the Philippines. -­‐The Philippine Insurrection Rebellion led by Emilio Aguinaldo is put down by the U.S.A. Taft left in charge as Governor-­‐general of the Philippines. Anti-­‐Imperialists Figures such as Mark Twain; argued against an empire.