Building Consistency Meeting

Building Consistency Meeting
Date 04/06/2011 Recorder and minutes prepared by: Danny Wooten/Lon McSwain
Staff present: On File
Public present: Wayne Carter (J&B Development);Terry Cleary (Meeting Street
Homes);Marcel Papsneau (Intelligent Design); 1st Source); Bob McKee (Ryan
Homes);Doc McGee, Allan McGee (McGee Brick);Warren Lambert ( D. R. Horton);
David Schwieman (DR Schwieman, Inc); Gordon Hunter (Hunter & Assoc.); Jason
Whitener (Southern Tradition Homes); Kenny Childers (Custom Plan Design);
Meeting Notes
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Inspections on
May be called in but it will be at an additional charge and either a
sheathing inspection or hold off on exterior wall covering until frame is
still required the same as on new structures.
Wood floor systems must be pressure treated when the girders are less
than 12” above ground and the joist and sub floor are less than 18”
above ground, this applies to accessory building as well and may impact
the subfloor material used.
Party Walls
Party walls must be braced as if they are an exterior wall. If method 5 is
used then there is a specific nailing pattern and it must be inspected
before it is taped and mudded. There is an extra inspection charge and
currently we for those builders using this method on townhouses an
exterior sheathing inspection with notes is required, typical note should
be “interior wall drywall braced wall line check” anything close to this
description will help the inspector understand the nature of the reques.
Inspector will enter in his notes on the inspection record that they
approved interior brace wall line.
Roof at Party
Wall at Vaulted
If fire retardant roof sheathing is used the retardant must be pressure
treated. It cannot be a surface applied coating.
The wall at a gable end of a vaulted ceiling must be framed so that a
hinge point is not created at the top plate, otherwise engineering will be
required to assess this stack wall application.
Fire Place
A permit is not required for roofing replacement when the cost is less
than $5000.00 as long as it is like for like. If the covering is changed
(shingles to tile ect.) then a permit is required even if the cost is less
than $5000.00.
A vent is required in the foundation wall at 3’-0” from the corners in
each direction. Code allows for 1 side to be left off so in the typical
ranch home one can be left off but a vent on each of the other 3 sides is
needed within 3’ from the corner.
If a chimney is disabled or removed then the fire box must closed off or
otherwise clearly shown that it is not a working fireplace.
Approved By ___Lon Mcswain_________ Date _______04/28/2011_______________