Residential Consistency General: Land Use and Environmental Service Agency

Residential Consistency
Land Use and Environmental Service Agency
(Code Enforcement)
Q&A 2013
(Q) Does a cat walk or attic floor have to be blocked on the edge same as a regular
(A) Yes, see Chapter 5 Table 503 and R602.1
2. (Q) What is the required SHGC for windows in the Residential Code?
(A) It must be .30 or less, ResCheck can be used if some windows don’t meet it.
3. (Q) How must the termite treatment be applied?
(A) It must cover the two faces and the edge to a point 24” AFF.
4. (Q) Does a footing have to be continuous from garage to basement?
(A) No, if the requirements of appendix Q are met.
5. (Q) Can a 2x6 nailed on top of the OSB be used as an alternate to end blocking?
(A) Yes
6. (Q) Does house wrap need to be installed behind exterior door frames?
(A) Yes, and it needs to be installed per the ESR from ICC.
7. (Q) Are detached garages and storage buildings exempt from the 5’ from property line
requirement in table R302.1
(A) Yes.
8. (Q) Is the duct leakage a required test?
(A) Yes, and the results must be posted on the energy certificate.
9. (Q) Does the SHGC sticker need to be on the windows at the framing inspection.
(A) Yes.
10. (Q) When is a separate sheathing inspection required?
(A) When the exterior walls need to be covered before the building is ready for a
framing inspection or to inspect the encapsulated areas.