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Building Consistency Meeting
Date02/09/2011 Recorder and minutes prepared by: Danny Wooten/Lon McSwain
Staff present: On File
Public present: Wayne Carter (J&B Development); Terry Cleary (Meeting Street
Homes); Darrin Price; Greg Seaton (Seaton Builders); Charlie Carter (Remmington
Homes); David Reynolds (BFS); Bob McKee (Ryan Homes); Allan McGee (McGee
Brick); David Kost (True Homes); John Meeks(Appleblossom Energy);
No roof load is allowed on a cantilevered girder in deck construction. Girders
can be set on a notched post in the following conditions. Minimum post size
6”X 6”. If both members of the girder rest on the notched post then 1 ½” of the
post must be maintained to bolt through. If only one member rest on the
notched post then 3 1/2” of the post must be maintained to bolt through.
Can Lights in a
Sealed Crawl
Section 316.4
Stucco & Reroof
Sill Plate
Deck Footings
Can Lights installed in the ceiling of a garage must be IC rated.
Sheathing inspection is for sheathing only, not the roof. House should
be dryed in. Plans are only required on the site if the house is brick
veneer for bolt on lintels.
A sealed crawl is not a conditioned crawl. The liner is lapped and runs
up the wall with a 3’ gap at the top for termite inspection.
There is a conflict between the Building Code and the Mechanical
Code. Table 403.3 of the Mechanical requires the bathroom to be
mechanically ventilated. Window will not meet the requirement.
There are new ICC compliance reports for foam insulation. They must
be supplied and followed for foam insulation installations. See attached
When a stucco house is re-roof a new certification letter for the stucco
should be obtained. The required distance between the new roof and the
bottom of the stucco needs to be maintained.
5/4 board is not acceptable to use as a sill plate, it is only 1” thick and
does not provide the nailing depth as a 2X .
Deck blocks are acceptable for deck footings for limited tributary area.
12X12 footing min 4” concrete. Bottom 12” below grade.
Approved By ___Lon Mcswain_________ Date _______02/25/2011_______________