Administrative Services Demonstrated Behaviors of Core Values

Administrative Services
Demonstrated Behaviors of Core Values
Value 1 – We act with Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behavior.
We act with honesty and integrity in all situations.
We report problems promptly in the workplace, with the understanding that managers will act
on the information with integrity and confidentiality.
We understand the need to protect and maintain confidential information.
Value 2 – We provide Leadership and Motivation.
We encourage success and lead by example.
We approach our work with a positive attitude.
We celebrate our accomplishments.
We communicate regularly.
Value 3 – We find opportunities to Create a Positive Workplace.
We are collegial and encourage an enjoyable workplace that fosters open and regular
We encourage professional and personal growth.
We encourage informal celebrations of successes and we support our “work family.”
Value 4 – We foster an environment that encourages Creativity and Collaboration.
Together we find innovative ways to make it work.
We encourage teamwork and creative problem solving across departments.
We respect other opinions and welcome new ideas.
Value 5 – We demonstrate Accountability and Responsibility in our actions and responsibilities.
We take personal responsibility in the delivery of our services.
We will follow through with our commitments to others.
Value 6 – We have Fiscal Responsibility for the university’s resources.
We manage our resources wisely to meet the goals of the university.
We manage the financial and physical resources of the university as if they were our own.
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