Speakers - National Civility Center

Civility at work
Michelle Ray
Can your organization afford the high cost of low morale? Inform, educate and motivate your
leaders and teams to take initiative, transform attitudes and inspire action for long-term
Gloria Petersen
Author, SME trainer, and seminar leader specializing in improving relationships with polished
image and dynamic business social skills
Barbara Bartlein
Workplace culture expert and published authority on bullying, teamwork and productivity.
Pianist and singer, she brings music and motivation to all her programs.
Lauren Schieffer
Champion of Personal Influence through High Road Communication
Tracy Stuckrath
Award-winning event professional and dynamic speaker teaching hospitality professionals how
to make events healthier, safer and delicious.
Eileen Kugler
Inspirational thought-leader sharing proven strategies to create inclusive, high-achieving diverse
schools and worksites
Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr
National Expert on Workplace Communication and Conflict Resolution, EAP Workplace
Consultant for MedStar Health, Marriage and Family Therapist
Paul Akers
Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, & Lean Maniac
Audrey Nelson PhD
A communication expert with 30 years training and consulting experience and 3 degrees in
Communication, including a PhD.
Elayne Savage
Rejection hurts. A look, a tone of voice, or certain words can ruin your whole day. And when this
affects productivity, emotional costs translate into dollars lost.