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August 1, 2011
Facilities Master Plan Project Status
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Major Projects under Construction
Financial Overview for
Major Projects
Current Budget
Total Paid to Date
(thru 06/30/11)
(thru 06/30/11)
Changes Under Review-including change orders
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Anticipated Future
Subtotal Committed
(Over)/Under Budget
Allied Health Allied Health Building 300
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Joe Nugent
Victoria Lewis
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Final Disposition
Major Projects under Construction
Arts Education Classrooms Project
This project is in the final closeout process with DSA. One change order remains to be approved by DSA.
Staff will submit the complete closeout package to DSA for final certification upon receipt of final change
Current Status Update:
Awaiting final certification from DSA as well as final closure on the mediation process
Student Activities Center
The Student Activity Center consists of two phases of work and therefore two separate DSA (Division of
State Architect) projects. The first project, called the “Soil Nail Wall,” was the first of its kind in the state
community college system. A mandate from DSA required a monitoring agreement that assured the wall
was built to specifications.
The Soil Nail Wall project was certified by DSA as complete on April 20, 2011 and has been removed
from reporting.
The second project, the Student Activities Center (SAC), consists of approximately 50,000 square feet and
includes the Bookstore, Student Services Administration, Student Activities, Student Clubs, Puente,
Testing/Assessment, Instructional Development, Outreach & Recruitment and a vacant undeveloped space
on the first floor (initially reserved as a café). Development of the vacant first floor space could not occur
without DSA Certification of the entire building. The utilization of this space is under review at this time.
As previously reported, DSA has certified the completion of this portion of the project effective March 22,
Current Status Update:
This Project is now complete and has been removed from reporting.
Health and Wellness Project
The Allied Health project consists of two buildings totaling 57,000 square feet, and is the new home for
programs such as Nursing, Radiology Technology, Medical Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Health and
Wellness, and the Stroke Center. RMW is the architect and Soltek Pacific is the contractor.
Construction began in May 2008 and the buildings are 100% complete. Staff is in the process of
closing out the project. All remaining issues have been resolved with the contractor.
Current Status Update:
Equipment for the building has been purchased and installed, with the exception of few items.
Construction of an ADA ramp and sidewalk from parking lot J to the center of the two buildings
is under way and will be completed over the summer.
Building 300 Renovation
On February 1, 2010 the Governing Board approved awarding a bid in the amount of $1,560,136 to
Tombleson Construction of Salinas for the renovation of the 300 building. The project will
remodel/reconstruct 12,523 assignable square feet of space to provide needed instructional space for ten
general purpose classrooms, two large assembly/class rooms and nine BELA division offices. The
construction began in spring 2010 and is substantially complete. Release request for state equipment
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funds was submitted to the Chancellor’s Office the week of October 4, 2010. Approval of the list was
received on October 14, 2010.
Current Status Update:
The building has been occupied for an entire semester with minor adjustments to the operating
systems. The project currently remains under budget by approximately $850,000. Staff is
waiting on an Invoice from DSA to complete the closeout package to DSA for project closeout
with certification. DSA is currently processing requests for project closeout they received in the
month of February 2011. Some of the equipment has been purchased and installed.
Watsonville Community Education Center (Formally called ITEC, GTC, among others)
The District and the City of Watsonville closed escrow on the purchase of the Watsonville Library on July
15, 2008. Since then, the college has demolished the building in order to construct a 14,000 square foot
Community Education Center. The District received a grant for $2.5 million from Economic
Development Agency for the project, and the grant was augmented by $865,000 to help fund an upgrade
to a Platinum Level LEED certified “green” building. The project name has been changed to the Green
Technology Center to reflect the new focus. The Division of State Architect (DSA) approved the plans in
June of 2010 and EDA approved the plans and specifications in July 2010. The project went to bid in
August 2010. In October, the Board approved Dilbeck and Sons as well as an augmentation to the budget
of $517,000. A deductive change order for the value engineering items discussed at the October Board
meeting was approved at the November Board Meeting. The District has received a generous donation
from the Ley Family of $100,000 for construction which allows us to add back some of the items that
were value engineered out.
Current Status Update:
The project continues to progress. Building A (the main classroom building) exterior of the
building is nearing completion. Roofing has been started, windows are being installed, the paper
and wire are being installed for the stucco. Building “B” (shop building) exterior of the building
is nearing completion. Roofing has been started, windows are being installed and the metal
siding has been started. By mid August all PG&E connections including new 21KV service will
be complete and Building A will have power.
Awards of Informal Bids under the Uniform Construction Cost Accounting System (UCC):
At the September 2005 Governing Board meeting, the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting
System was adopted to enable the District to increase the formal bid limits from $15,000 to $125,000.
By adopting the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting System, the Board authorized the
President or his/her designee to enter into agreements with low bidders using the informal bidding
process with the provision that the successful awards would be presented to the Board as an
information item. This system enables the District to 1) informally bid projects under $125,000 to prequalified contractors, 2) more efficiently and effectively manage small to medium sized projects, and 3)
contract with local contractors who are deemed “qualified” bidders.
Awarded Bid: South Perimeter Road Paving Project
There was one non-bond related bid awarded in July in the amount of $96,000 to Earthworks, Inc. of
Santa Cruz. South Perimeter Road Paving Project is the road from Soquel Drive just past the Sesnon
House. Five contractors bid on the project: Earthworks with a bid of $96,000; Don Chapin, Inc. with a bid
of $100,200; Granite Construction DBA Pavex with a bid of $113,294; Duran & Venables with a bid of
125,400; and Staples Construction with a bid of $277,256. This project is scheduled to start in late July
and is scheduled to be completed by late August 2011.
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