Summer School 14-15

Dear DSA Parents:
If you have a DSA student that has failed a previously taken class needed for graduation at DSA, the
credit must be made up somehow prior to their senior year. Research shows that students who make up
credit closest to when they originally failed the class are the most successful.
Most DSA students choose one of the following 2 outlets for credit recovery:
1. APEX credit recovery program
a. Offered at only 6 DPS sites over the Summer 2015 ( most individual high schools do not
have summer school--- instead there are only 6 district-wide sites that all students will
travel to)
b. Classes last 6 weeks over summer
c. Student attendance at every class is mandatory
d. Class is completed online while in a classroom with a teacher to answer questions
e. Cost of $25.00 per semester
f. Student acquires more information and registers at Registration is on a first-come-first-serve
basis and deadline is May 22nd.
g. Student may only complete 10 credits (2 semesters) of course work through summer
school. This is a DPS rule. If your student has more than 1 class that they need to make
up, they must complete an entire class before they are allowed to register for the second
2. Brigham Young University Online
a. The most common form of online credit recovery for DSA students
b. Student completes course on their own time from home
c. Final exam must be proctored by a DSA counselor or at a community college
d. Cost of $143.00 per semester
e. Student acquires more information by visiting
f. Student must get registered by visiting their counselor
If you have questions regarding credit recovery, please contact your students’ counselor ASAP
as registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
BriAnne Bredenberg (A-F) 720-424-1707
Gina Subudhi (G-L) 720-424-17
Kristy Jaramillo (M-Z) 720-424-1729