MDC-Friday March 4, 2016 Minutes

MDC-Friday March 4, 2016
1. Called to order at 3:17 by Deanna Herrera-Thomas. Other members present are Jaqui
Jacqui Cain Caen, Sean Herrera-Thomas, Kristy Kristey Carlson, Christopher Callahan,
and Shannon Sullivan.
2. Intro and Public Comment-No comments
3. Minutes had the wrong date, Sean will fix it with the “strike through”. Otherwise the
minutes were approved.
4. No Action items
5. Discussion Items:
5.1 March 30th is the screening date for the Hunting Ground. Keith has approved
funding for the event, and the Facilities Request form has been put in. What
should happen at that event? A panel discussion? Email suggestions directly to
Sean regarding speakers or panelists. Deanna suggested her co-panelist from the
LFF, she also suggested a rape crisis counselor. The event will be open to the
public; we anticipate a good turnout. The film will be screened in the theatre.
The film will be a permanent CR resource.
5.2 EEOAC/Workforce equity and hiring plan. We would like to be consulted on
an updated plan.
-Support to create the webpage, evoq will help.
-A meeting for the spring?
5.3 The proposals submitted to the SEP oversight committee were reviewed.
The following proposals were approved:
-Roses from Concrete
- the Basket Proposal was partially approved
-American Arab
Angelina will create a form to submit for diversity related events.
The SEP oversight committee recommended that the MCD have a budget.
5.4 MDC webpage. Sean will go to the evoq training on March 9 to initiate the
process of making our new website. Bring resource ideas to the next meeting for
potential inclusion on the page. Link to the HSU diversity page. Look at other
CCC, UC, and CSU diversity pages for ideas.
5.5 The event was very successful! The panelists were effective, and people
loved it. The new venue felt more formal. The films were Adios Carmen,
Willaya, and Retorno a Hansala. It was nice to have MDC representation as
panelists for the event.
5.6 We should consider DE workshops geared toward Latino students who
disproportionality do not succeed in DE classes. Does the online training address
best practices for online learning for diverse learners? It feels like online learning
should include more specific things to create community for all learners. There
are issues with supporting online instructors at CR that are barriers for creating
community. There seems to be a lack of best practices incorporated into DE
training. This training needs to include teaching a diverse student population.
6. Reports
6.1 Multicultural Center is being discussed. There is movement to engage this
6.2 See above
6.3 See above
7. Kevin Powers made a wonderful impact on CR students. The Yellow Birds
events were very successful.
The Art Department is still working to curate an exhibition of veteran artists from
the Dirty Canteen project.
8. Adjourned at 4:45