Vocabulary Quiz – List 1 – Version 2

English 11
Mr. Rodriguez
Vocabulary Quiz – List 1 – Version 2
Directions: Select the best vocabulary word for each blank. Write your answers on the lines that correspond to
each blank.
Sean was traveling to a (1)_____________ location in a tiny Wyoming city to begin a new career. To get
there from New York he had to fly. The only problem with this was that he had just gotten hired and found out
that he was required to start within 2 days of that notice! He knew he would be well-paid in Wyoming so he had
to (2)______________ from his daily habit of taking a 2 hour bath; his (3)______________personality
overpowered his need for hygiene and relaxation.
During the flight, he became quite frustrated because he had to listen to the in-(4)______________babbling
of a toddler for 12 hours straight. Sean is a very mild-mannered person but he almost wished to
(5)______________the plane’s controls, land somewhere nearby, pay for a bus ticket for the family, and be on
his way to Wyoming in peace. Instead, Sean ended up being forced his neighbor to listen while he chose to
(6)______________over the child’s cries to another passenger. Along with all of the ongoing chaos, there was a
very nervous, new employee that failed to (7)______________any type of comforting or helpful behavior. All
of the nonsense was truly affecting Sean to the point where he thought his decision of accepting the position
was a horrible idea.
Once he landed, he read several (8)______________reviews about how poorly his new employer treated his
staff, which further led his hopeful demeanor to liquefy into overwhelming doubt. Upon arrival, his distaste for
the experience (9)______________-ed into pure and solid hatred. Sean ended up quitting the “great” job for
which he moved across the country. However, because he refused to stay at that horrible company, Sean opened
his own bakery which received raving (10)______________-s from all the food networks on television and
became even wealthier than he could have dreamed.
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