How to Save Time with an Organized Study Area

How to Save Time with an Organized Study Area
A properly organized work area with enough space for all of your study tools will help you use your time
more effectively. A functional work space is critical to being able to focus when you study.
Begin the process of organizing your study area by gathering all the things that you need to have
handy such as:
Hole punch
Reference Books
Hang a bulletin board with a calendar to showcase important dates for tests, assignments, etc.
Have some artwork, photos, plants or other decorations in your study area to help create a
positive mood and energize you.
Group similar items or information and supplies for the same class or assignment together in the
same place. Have a folder for each class or stacking baskets/trays with one for each class. If you
don’t have to guess about where things are when you are ready to work on your assignments,
you will make better use of your time and your work space.
Have a master to-do list in your work area. This is a place where you will write down in one
consistent location everything you need to get done. Record every appointment, class, task,
project, test, etc. for the semester. Pay particular attention to what is due in the upcoming week
with occasional glances at remaining assignments for the semester.
Let your family know that when you are in your study area you are not to be disturbed unless
something really important comes up.
Author: Shirley “Mandy” Sexton, Ph.D.