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Your duties will include teaching __ courses. In the fall __ semester you will teach [course numbers and
titles]. In the spring semester you will teach [course numbers in titles]. [Teaching or work for other
schools could be added here if necessary]. Under University and school guidelines it is generally
expected that work for these courses would entail __ hours per week of faculty time related to [delivery
of instruction, research, preparation, meeting time with students, required travel time for field work,
supervision of other faculty or students, etc.]. As such, [your position is not benefits eligible/ is benefits
eligible] under federal law and University policy.
Should your responsibilities substantially change insofar as additional teaching or other assignments are
added, it is expected that the terms of this offer letter would be altered. These changes would be
memorialized in another letter signed by you and [name of department or School].
If you are now or do in the future perform compensated work for another school or unit that is not
currently addressed in this letter, please let us know as assignments in other Penn schools or units will
affect your benefits eligibility, and will need to be coordinated accordingly.