Atoms and Bonding Study Guide

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Atoms and bonding study guide
1) What is the force that holds atoms together?
2) Why do atoms form chemical bonds?
3) Name the following compounds: K2O, NaF, PI3
4) What are the subatomic particles found in the outermost energy level of an atom?
5) How many valence electrons do most atoms need to be stable? _____
6) Which elements only require 2 valence electrons to be stable?
7) Draw an electron dot diagram for: He, Li, C, Ca, Al, Si, P, O, Cl
8) Which of the above elements are likely to bond with one another (put them in pairs, one will be left out)?
9) Write the charges for the following ions: H, Li, K, Cl, Si
10) Write the correct chemical formula for the following covalent compounds: Dihydrogen disulfide, Carbon disulfide,
Carbon tetraiodide
11) Write the correct chemical formula for the following ionic compounds: Magnesium nitride, Sodium chloride, Silicon