Howard Gardner, Edward Hirsch, and Maxine Greene

Derek Hall, Angela Pettigrew, Natalie Schunk,
Autumn Allekson, Sheri Armstrong
Born on December 22, 1917.
She has been a teacher, an author, and still
lectures throughout the nation.
She has earned many academic awards and
honorary degrees.
She has headed many philosophical societies.
American Educational Research Association
Philosophy of Education Society
American Educational Studies Association
Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society
Maxine Greene
inspired the creation
for the high school of
◦ Imagination and
Inquiry in association
with LCI and New
Visions for Public
Maxine Green
Foundation for Social
Imagination, the
Arts, and Education
Born on March 22, 1928
Is a U.S. educator and academic literary critic
Formulated the concept of cultural literacy
◦ Founded the Core Knowledge Foundation in 1986
Multiple Theories
◦ Theory of Value, Knowledge, Human Nature,
Learning, Transmission, Society, Opportunity,
Brought attention to
the idea of cultural
◦ Cultural literacy: What
Every American Needs
to Know.
Was the pioneer of
the core knowledge
◦ Core Knowledge
◦ Core Knowledge Series
Born on July 11, 1943
Based at Harvard University - Psychology
after attending for schooling starting in 1961
(completing undergrad and Ph. D in 1971)
Best known for theory of multiple
◦ There exist many different types of "intelligences"
ascribed to human beings.
◦ Linguistic, logic-mathematical, musical, spatial,
bodily kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal and
Assisted in Project Zero
◦ Founded in 1967, Project Zero is
devoted to the systematic study of
artistic thought and creativity in
the arts, as well as humanistic and
scientific disciplines, at both
individual and institutional levels.
Author of over 20 books translated into 27-languages
Gardner has also authored
Leading Minds, Changing
Minds, and Extraordinary
GoodWork Project
Includes studies of
outstanding leaders in several
Examination of exemplary