Communication and Theatre Arts 1114

Communication and Theatre Arts 1114 - Mass Communication
Analyzes the relationship between media and society through the interaction of technology, business,
audiences, culture and government. Through lecture, discussion, field trips and other in-class activities,
the course will review the history and theories of mass communication as they relate to specific media.
Communication Arts and Literature, Middle Level Specialty (5-8)
A. A teacher with a specialty for teaching communication arts and literature in grades 5 through 8 must
demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts of the communication arts and literature and the
connections among them. The teacher must:
(1) understand the literacy needs of young adolescents encompassing the need to comprehend
narrative and technical writing, the need to successfully access available databases, the need to
write at an interactive level including a variety of personal formats, and the ability to interact on all
cognitive levels through writing; (K, P, A)
Communication Arts and Literature, (5-12)
A. A teacher of communication arts and literature understands central concepts common to the teaching
and learning of communication arts and literature content. The teacher must understand and apply:
(16) communication arts and literature activities such as forensics, debate, journalism, literary
journals, and related activities. (K, P, A)
B. A teacher of communication arts and literature demonstrates understanding and skills essential to the
teaching and learning of reading, writing, speaking, listening, media literacy, and literature. The
teacher must demonstrate the:
(5) knowledge, skills, and ability to teach media literacy including:
(a) relationships among the elements of the communication process across various types of print
and nonprint media; (K, P, A)
(b) effects of the various types of electronic audiovisual media on the communication process; (K,
P, A)
(c) competent participation as a consumer and producer of media communication; and
(K, P, A)
(d) functional, aesthetic, and ethical values of media communication; (K, P, A)
Original Date: 08/2004