primary production in marine and freshwater ecosystems

Answer the two questions (front and back of this page) and include in Portfolio #3)
1. Biological literacy includes knowing certain concepts, vocabulary, ideas and historical events that
enable you to understand more about the world around you. What specific foundational knowledge
about biology do you think other people should know? It can be material covered in this course,
other things you know, information commonly taught in biology (textbooks are available to look at
during office hours), information found in current news stories, etc. List at least four biological
things you think people should know and explain why you think each is important.
2. Biological literacy also includes the ability to apply that biological knowledge, having skills that allow
you to find information, critique sources, analyze news stories, choose products, discuss issues, and
vote on proposals. What specific skills do you think other people should have to be able to deal
with biological topics? Some of these skills are listed in the BI 101 course outcomes (in the syllabus),
or you can select others. List at least four skills you feel are important to be able to apply biological
knowledge know and explain why you think each is important.