Minutes of Europe’s Asian Centuries Project Meeting 05.10.2011 1. Administrator position

Minutes of Europe’s Asian Centuries Project Meeting
Administrator position
Tim to stay on part-time until new administrator appointed. This will be no earlier than 11th
November most likely. Rob Horton to continue to handle claim forms, financial reporting etc.
All travel bookings handled by Paulina.
LSE Workshop
Remember to upload PowerPoints to the Intranet.
Team Work session, 4th October
Feedback from this very positive. Maxine to thank Trudy Hillier formally.
Monthly reporting and meetings
a) Reminder that monthly meetings have been scheduled for 16th November and 7th December.
Meike and Hanna to discuss Minnesota findings at the meeting on the 16th.
b) Idea for a reading group on political economy to read and discuss some older primary (Henry
Martin, de Pinto, etc) and key secondary sources (De Vries in Berg and Eger) – Felicia to
initiate and find some dates.
c) Chris to have research assistant for work on statistics. Maxine and Tim to think of potential
Reminder to look at programmes of external events – RCA/V&A programme this autumn,
IHR seminars (British Maritime History, Economic and Social History of the Premodern
World, Imperial and World History), CRASSH at Cambridge? Don’t forget the LSE event on 4th
November (TD to circulate programme).
Workshop update
Discussed reorganising sessions, agreed there was a need to identify which speakers are
going to speak in which sessions. Chris to set out a programme for the day, Tim to compile
updated list of attendees.
Forward planning
a) General enthusiasm for a team meeting in Swaledale, 1 – 2 July!
Maxine emphasised need to progress with survey articles. These due by Christmas. Begin to
think about a potential special issue of a journal.
Idea of potentially putting together a panel for either the Natasha Coquery conference next
summer or the ISECS conference, Rotterdam 2014.