Bio 203

BIO 203 Human A&P Lab - Fall 2014
You must attend your scheduled lab.
You may not attend any other lab.
Read the lab attendance policy carefully.
The lab schedule is posted on Moodle for your convenience. Refer to it
Exercises: 100 points
The prelab assignments & exercises will be checked during each meeting. It is
your responsibility to complete the prelab assignments BEFORE coming to lab.
Prelab assignments(5pts) will be checked at the beginning and the exercises(5pts)
will be checked at the end of the lab meeting. No credit will be given for
incomplete assignments. All assignments are worth 10 points, regardless of the
number of activities.
Postlab Quizzes: 160 points
There will be 8 postlab quizzes during the semester. Each postlab quiz will be
given at the BEGINNING of the next lab meeting. The postlab quizzes will be
worth 20 points each and will cover the text diagrams from the previous lab.
Regardless of the number of questions on the quiz, it will still be worth 20 points.
Mastering A&P (MAP) Assignments: 40 points
There are 4 assignments for you to complete on the MAP website. Each is
worth 10 points. It is your responsibility to have an access code, know when they
are due, and complete them by the specific, assigned date and time. The site may
allow you to see the assignment and complete it, but if it is not completed before
the due date, you will not credit.
Midterm and Final Exam: 300 points (150 points each)
These tests will be all identification.
There will be NO drop grades. Everything counts.
Lab begins at 6:00 p.m. sharp. Be on time. Make arrangements to be on time.
Expect to be in lab the entire three hours. Don’t schedule other events/activities
during your lab time. [Early is good. The instructor is likely to be in the lab early
and you are welcome to get started early.]
Excused Absences:
The only absences that will be considered excused will be those involving
1. an official event of a MC group/team that requires you to be there.
If you know that you will be absent on a specific lab due to your team being
involved in a game or activity, let your instructor/assistant know before the date
that you will be absent. See below for rules about making up your work.
2. an event requiring medical and/or police personnel.
Issues of convenience are NOT considered excused absences. See below for
rules about making up your work.
Make-up Work:
There are no make-up labs. If you miss your lab, you have missed
lab for that week. You may not come to any other lab to make it up. If the
absence is excused, there are no make-up labs. If the absence is unexcused, there
are no make-up labs. There are no make-up labs. You are responsible to get the
material on your own.
If you have an excused absence, you may take the postlab quiz the following
week with no penalty IF
1. you present proper notification explaining why you should be excused
2. you present the lab manual work from the previous week.
If you have an unexcused absence, you may take the postlab quiz the following
week with a penalty (you will only receive half of whatever score you make) IF
1. you present the lab manual work from the previous week.
If you miss more than one week consecutively, you will forfeit the postlab quiz
points for the quiz you miss and receive a zero.
There will be no make-up exams given. You MUST be at your regularly
scheduled lab for the final exam.
You are expected to hold yourself to a high standard of ethics. Following the MC
honor code is a must. Incidents of cheating, in whatever form, will be dealt with
severely, including but not limited to receiving a zero on the assignment/quiz.
You will need to bring your lab manual and textbook to class with you each
day. Lab students are expected to handle the anatomy models with care.
Units are matched:
- Exploring Anatomy and Physiology in the Laboratory, 2nd ed.– Amerman, 2013
- Visual Anatomy and Physiology, 2nd ed. – Martini, 2015
Contact Information:
Terry Dent
Email: [email protected]
Erin Barrios
Email: [email protected]
Lab Assistant:
Email: [email protected]
Cell: _______________________
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