Cell Cycle Reading Guide

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Cell Cycle
Reading Guide
(Read Pages 367-377)
1. Most cells in an organism go through a cycle of ____________, ____________, and division
called the cell cycle. Through the cell cycle, ______________ __________, develop,
__________ old or damaged cells, and produce new cells.
2. What is interphase?
3. What are the three stages of interphase?
4. The mitotic phase creates two ____________________ cells. At the end of this phase, the
original cell no longer exists.
5. How long does the cell cycle typically take in human cells?
6. Within 2.5 hours how many cells were produced from the two original zebra cells, according
to the book?
7. During interphase, the DNA is called _________________.
8. After reading about the phase of interphase why do you think it would be important that each
new cell gets a copy of the original cell’s DNA? (This is not directly in the book)
9. Before a cell divides, it makes a copy of each ________________. This enables the two new
cells to function properly.
10. What are daughter cells?
11. In the space below summarize each of the phases of mitosis. Read what is written about
each phase and summarize what happens in each phase in two or three sentences each.
A. Prophase
B. Metaphase
C. Anaphase
D. Telophase
E. Cytokinesis
12. Please draw a cell during the following phases of mitosis: prophase, metaphase, anaphase,
and telophase. Label the chromosomes (chromatids), spindle fibers, nuclear membrane, and
centrioles. (Hint the centrioles are the two green rod like structures in the corner of the cells)
13. A human cell has _______ chromosomes. When that cell divides, it will produce ______
new cells with ________ chromosomes each.
14. How is the cell cycle used in reproduction, growth, replacement, and repair?
15. Read “DNA Fingerprinting” and write three to four sentences summarizing what you