Mitosis, Cell division and aging

SNC2D Biology Cells, Tissues and Living Systems
Homework Questions:
1. During which stage of the cell cycle does replication of the DNA occur?
2. Why are chromosomes visible during mitosis but not at other times?
The chromosomes coil up and condense, which makes them visible
3. Which stage or phase of the cell cycle corresponds to each of the descriptions below?
a) A new cell wall begins to form. cytokinesis
b) The membrane of the nucleus dissolves. prophase (starts to dissolve), metaphase (finished)
c) Daughter chromosomes begin to separate. anaphase
d) Thick chromosome threads are visible in 2 distinct regions of the cell. telophase
e) The cell grows and copies its DNA. interphase
The chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. metaphase
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