Cell Div Answers

Cell division quiz Define the following
Centrioles: Every animal cell has two (help with cell division)
Mitosis: The division of the nucleus
Cytokinesis: The division of the parent cell’s cytoplasm (happens during last phase
of mitosis)
What happens during interphase: Cell grows and at the end of cycle the
chromosomes double
What happens during prophase:
 Cell division begins
 chromatin condenses into chromosomes – (each chromosome consists of
two chromatids held together by a centromere)
 Nuclear membrane disappears
What happens during metaphase:
 Chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell.
What happens during anaphase:
 Chromatids separate and are pulled to opposite sides of the cell
What happens during telophase:
 Two new nuclear membranes form
 Cytokinesis begins
What are the differences between plant and animal cells:
 Plant cells have a cell plate
 Animal cells pinch in to split into two
 Animal cells have centrioles
What is the period of growth called in the life of a cell?: Interphase
Be able to recognize the phases / name them / and describe what happens during
that phase
Be able to place the phases in correct order
 Interphase
 Prophase
 Metaphase
 Anaphase
 Telophase
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