Onion Root Tip Mitosis Lab

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CW- Onion Root Tip Mitosis
1. First go to this website to do an online tutorial of mitosis
in an onion root tip. Keep in mind that a cell spends 90% of its time in interphase
so a lot of the cells are going to be going through interphase.
2. Go through the different examples of cells and identify them. If you get it wrong
click try again and keep trying until you find the correct match. To find percent
take the number of cells you get in each phase #/36 x100. For example
20/36=.555556 x100 = 56%
# of cells
Percent of
#/36 x 100
Questions: Answer in complete sentences.
1. What phase did you see the most often?
2. What phase did you see the least often?
3. What happens in the prophase?
4. What happens in the metaphase?
5. What happens in the telophase?
When you are finished save this document with your information in the following format:
EFrankCMitosisLab (your first initial last name block letter Mitosis Lab)
Once your document is saved correctly, place it in your block’s drop box in my public
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