River Valley Civilizations/ Confucianism Exam 5 Relationships, 10

River Valley Civilizations/ Confucianism Exam
1) 5 Relationships, 10 Commandments, Eightfold Path: Think Codes of Behavior
2) Filial Piety: Think Honoring Elders, Respect, Family Honor
3) Confucianism: Think Social Order
4) Neolithic Revolution: Food sources became more reliable.
5) Caste System: Hinduism, Social Classes determined by birth, Lack of Social Mobility
6) Tigris and Euphrates Rivers: Mesopotamia
7) Geographer: studies climatic influences on food production
8) Hunters and Gatherers: People who moved frequently in search of food
9) Code of Hammurabi: Written Legal Procedures, Not equal for all people
10) Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro: Showed evidence of urban planning in Indus River Valley
11) Buddhism: Non-violence, Giving up Desires, Eightfold Path, 4 Noble Truths, Nirvana, Reincarnation
12) Hinduism: Caste System, Reincarnation, Karma, Dharma
13) Ancient Egypt : Social Structure was Hierarchal
14) Characteristics of a Civilization: Centralized Governments, Organized Religions, Social Classes, Job
15) Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform: Provided for earliest examples of recorded history.
16) Gupta Empire: Concept of Zero, Caste System, Created Decimal System.