South Asia-key terms

South Asia-key terms
Ancient religion based on the
Four Noble Truths of Buddha:
that suffering is universal; that it
is caused by desire; that it can be
eliminated by crushing desire;
and that the Noble Eightfold Path
provides a practical means to end
suffering (nirvana).
Caste system
A rigid social class system in
Civil Disobedience
The refusal to obey unjust laws
In Hinduism, the moral and
religious duties that are expected
of an individual
Green Revolution
Development of new varieties of
plants and improved agricultural
techniques that resulted in greatly
increased crop yields
A religion followed by millions of
people in South Asia, mainly in
India. Hindus believe in
reincarnation and in many gods
and goddesses
Domination by one country of the
political, economic, or cultural life
of another country or region
[British control of India]
Group formed by Hindu
nationalist leaders in India to gain
Indian National Congress
greater democracy and eventual
In Hinduism, all the deeds of a
person’s life that affect existence
in the next life
Strong seasonal winds
accompanied by heavy rains;
usually found in south and
southeast Asia. They provide
needed rainfall to regions that
rely upon agriculture.
Group formed by Muslims in India
Muslim League
in the early 1900s to protect
Muslim interests
A feeling of pride in and devotion
to one’s country; a desire to rule
one’s own country
In Buddhism, union with the
universe and release from the
cycle of death and rebirth
Policy of not supporting either
side in a conflict, such as the
Cold War
A non-violent approach used to
Passive Resistance
achieve political objectives
In Hinduism, the rebirth of the
soul in a new body
One of Mohandas Gandhi’s acts
of non-violence civil disobedience
Salt March
whereby Indians marched to the
sea and extracted their own salt
rather than buy it from the British
Rebellion fought by Hindus and
Muslims sepoys (soldiers) against
Sepoy Mutiny [Rebellion ]
British rule in India in the mid1800s
The lowest social class in the
caste system of India