American Literature English III, Fall 2013

Midland Senior High School
American Literature English III, Fall 2013
Teacher: Mrs. Sara Batson
Email: [email protected]
Conference Time: 2:10pm - 3:00pm M-F
8:00am - 8:25am M-F
Lunch and After School by Request
Please feel free to ask for help anytime. I will do all that I can to aide you on your journey to success, but you
must tell me what you need. We all have the same goal this year, and that goal is your success.
Dear students and parents:
I have written the rules, expectations, and procedures for our classroom. Please read the following syllabus; if
you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Course Description: In this course, students will examine pieces of literature from American time periods.
They will be expected to determine common themes, explore the changing cultural beliefs and associate them
with cultural, social, and economical norms that govern their lives. Reading, writing, speaking, listening and
media literacy skills will continue to be developed and refined. We will be focusing on the writing process
throughout the semester; students will be expected to know and implement it every time they are asked to
produce a piece of writing.
White lined paper
3 - ring English Binder (1-2 inch)
English Binder:
Each student will keep an English binder for the year containing all handouts, vocabulary work, daily work,
grammar assignments, and journal entries.
1. Your binder should have your name, the name of the course and period (English 3, Period ___), and my
name (Mrs. Batson) either on the cover or on the first sheet.
2. The binder will be split by literary time period in American Literature. Each time period will then be split
into the following categories:
a. Vocabulary/Literary Terms
b. Grammar
c. Journal Entries/Warm Ups
d. Writing
e. Handouts/Notes
3. Date all papers, including handouts for easy filing.
4. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT, EVEN AFTER IT IS GRADED. We will constantly be building
on skills.
5. Binders must be arranged and ready for use by the second week of school (Tuesday September 3, 2013).
6. There will be weekly graded binder checks.
Class Expectations:
I will respect you at all times; therefore, I expect to be respected as well.
Respect your classmates, yourselves, and the classroom supplies and materials.
I expect students to work in class by paying attention, participating, and asking questions whenever they
If you have a question ask your neighbor (level 1- whisper); if they do not know, then both of you
should raise your hand and wait for me to come by and answer any questions you have.
I expect students to enter and exit the classroom in a respectful and orderly fashion. Upon entering class,
students should find their seats, hand in any homework, and begin working on the Warm Up (This can
be found on the front whiteboard). Students should remain seated until the end of class; this means no
lining up at the door before the bell.
I expect you to follow all rules as outlined in the MISD student handbook.
Bring your binder and brain to class each day.
Come to class prepared and ready to work and learn.
You should not disturb others. Disturbing looks like: talking out, passing notes, taking other’s
possessions, and throwing objects.
While in class, you should raise your hand when you wish to speak. This ensures we are respectful when
others are speaking.
I expect all of your work to be done on time and to the best of your ability.
I will do everything I can to help you succeed and in turn, you must do everything you can to succeed in
this class.
Be responsible, Be respectful, and Be safe.
Absent Students/Missing Work:
If you are absent, you will need to locate absent/missed work in the ‘While You Were Out Box’ at the
back of the room. The box is organized monthly and by date. For example, if you were absent or missed
work on September 21, you would find the assignment for that day in the folder labeled ‘21’. Make sure
you look at the assignment sheet in the folder to make sure you can find assigned readings as well. It is
your responsibility to ask for and complete make up work. If you have any trouble locating this
information, see me.
Turning in Assignments/Homework:
You should turn in your assignments/homework in the turn in tray set up at the back of the room.
Homework should be turned in before the lesson begins and assignments completed in class should be
turned in at the end of class. Do not get up in the middle of class to hand in work. There is also a student
station at the back of the room equipped with student supplies should they need them.
Late Papers/Assignments:
Late papers/assignments will lose 10 percent off for each day it is late and will not be accepted any later
than 5 days.
Two basic rules that govern public behaviors in classroom situations are: 1) respect 2) cooperation.
Disruptions of class activities should not occur and harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Minor
infractions of class or school rules will be discussed between the student and teacher and parent when
needed. Major infractions will be referred to administration.
Plagiarism- using another’s thoughts and accomplishments without proper acknowledgement of
documentation is absolutely unacceptable. Students will receive a 0 for plagiarized work.
Syllabus Signature Sheet
Students: Please read the course syllabus and share it with your parents. Then you and your parents should sign
this sheet. Please return this sheet by Friday, August 30th.
I have read the policies and expectations for Mrs. Batson’s English III class and understand them. If I choose
not to meet these expectations, I am willing to accept the consequences.
Student Printed Name:
Parent/Guardian Printed Name:
Student Signature:
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Date: ________________
Date: ________________
Parent/Guardian: If you have an email address you would like the teacher to use to communicate with you about
your child's progress, please include it here: