How to get unstuck on physics homework

How to get unstuck on physics homework
and why you must!
I do not know how to answer
One of the questions or
problems on my homework.
Is it a word question
or an algebraic
Word Questions
Did you read the
recent notes and
textbook section?
Did you review
recent demos,
labs, and videos?
Please do so now.
Doing so will likely lead to
success. In the event that it does
not, start over on this chart.
Did you carefully
look over sample
This one is tricky. Use Edmodo discussion board
to ask questions, but make the questions good;
don’t just ask for the answer or for someone to do
the work for you. You must ask in depth
questions to resolve issues. Your education is up
to you! If no one asks questions on Edmodo, then
the teacher will assume everyone answered the
question correctly without any difficulty.
Completing homework is the process in which course material is internalized.
Learning is never a passive act. It involves active construction and deconstruction of ideas and
experiences. Material is not internalized with passive techniques. Watching and listening to the
teacher during class lessons provides an essential exposure to physics content as does reading
the textbook and notes.
But the material does not become your until you’ve been faced with questions and problems
that force you to go through the process of determining the answers.
Copying answers from friends or the internet is completely ineffective. It’s like memorizing the
eye chart before seeing the optometrist: you will appear to pass the test with flying colors while
completely defeating the purpose of the test.
Questions on unit tests accurately reflect those given in the homework. Students who actively
engage in daily assignments do very well on unit tests. Students who do poorly on unit tests are
usually those who do not actively engage in daily assignments.