Welcome Back to the 2014-2015 School Year! Flury- 7 Grade Social Studies

Welcome Back to the 2014-2015 School Year!
Flury- 7th Grade Social Studies
I am excited to be joining the TMS staff this year and to be your child’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher. I have
been teaching within Iredell-Statesville schools for 13 years at Brawley Middle School and finally coming home
to Troutman! I am thrilled to be a bigger part of this great community. Please read over the following
information regarding my expectations, supplies, and discipline policy.
Introduction to the class and Expectations:
This is the third year the new Social Studies curriculum has been implemented in our state. Our studies will
take us around the world learning about events, wars, and people between the 1400’s-present day. Students
will work independently and in cooperative groups to gain an understanding of historical events that took
place during this time period. I motivate my students to explore this wonderful world of history, which I hope
will lead many to investigate history farther in high school with the possibility of taking AP classes with the
background knowledge I present them. Each student will be held responsible for his or her classwork, home
work, and studying. I do have high but reasonable expectations for each of my students and want them to learn
to love Social Studies class. I will use Edmodo and my school website (look on the my calendar) for upcoming
assignments and classroom events. Parents need to check parent portal on a regular basis to keep track
of student progress.
Discipline Policy:
This year each student will have his or her own “disciplinary card” in my classroom. The disciplinary card will
be held in an index card box at the front of the room. Students who have any disciplinary infractions during
classroom time will be instructed to sign the card and record behavior resulting in signing of the card.
If the student has had to sign the card 3 or more times in one week the parent(s) will be contacted. If it
becomes a consistent issue a parent/teacher conference will be required. The following are behaviors that
may result in signing the “disciplinary card:”
 Talking without permission
 Being disruptive
 Off task
 Insubordinate to the teacher (rude, talk back, etc.)
 Tardy (must be seated in chair when the bell rings)
Any behavior above or beyond will be automatic write-ups that will be dealt with by the administrative team.
Star Student:
Each week I will choose a “Star Student” from each block based on helpfulness, effort, and work. This student
will be recognized on the classroom bulletin board and also be awarded a small treat. It may seem elementary
to some but all kids still appreciate positive recognition. 
Grading Policy:
Homework/Classwork- 30%
Test- 20%
Projects- 20%
Participation/Behavior- 15%
Quiz- 15%
I will not accept a “0” for any work! Below is how late work will be graded. If work is not turned in 3 days after
due date then the student will be assigned ASD to complete work. If student does not attend ASD or complete
work the student will then be written up and situation will be handled by the administration.
Late work:
1 day late=-10 points
2 days late=-20 points
3 days late=-30 points
 No speaking to others while I am talking
 Raise hand to be called upon
 Keep hands to yourself
 Respect teacher, your peers, and yourself
 Be prepared when you enter the classroom (paper, pencil/pen, computer, etc). You are not leaving
classroom for items you may have forgot in locker.
 Stay in seat unless you have asked permission to leave seat. When the bell rings you must be seated in
your desk or you will be counted tardy.
Supply List:
 Notebook (one inch binder) or Large Notebook that can be used for other subjects but can be sectioned
off for a Social Studies section.
 Pencils
 Red Pen
 Colored Pencils
Teacher Wish List:
 Computer paper
 Pink colored computer paper
 Kleenex
I use the online teacher/student friendly website, Edmodo, to assign work, quizzes, projects, and communicate
with students regarding upcoming events. Students can ask questions of myself and peers on the website as
well. They can find assignments, store assignments, and submit assignments via Edmodo. If you do not have
an account you will need to register for one by going to www.edmodo.com. Once you are registered you will
need to join my classroom using the following codes:
1st Block: ev9aaa
2nd Block: ws5xvs
4th Block: ai89zb
6th Block: hxc8w3
You must sign up with Edmodo by Friday, September 5th.
Lastly, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about assignments, grades,
or your child’s behavior. My email address is evan_flury@iss.k12.nc.us.
I am looking to forward to a wonderful year and getting to know each of my students!
Evan Flury
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Troutman Middle School
Please Sign and Return:
I have reviewed this information with my child, _____________________________________ (child’s name). My child
understands the disciplinary policy, expectations, and has created an Edmodo account for Social Studies class.
I, the parent/guardian, understand classroom disciplinary policy, expectations, and have encouraged my child
to abide by those expectations laid out in the Social Studies classroom.
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Student Signature:
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